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Join Grow With The Gram from Dr. Yazdan Course If your goal is to create some big results. You have got to complete the program! I am going to be cheering you each step of the way.

Grow With The Gram Course complete A-Z plan for confidently creating an Instagram page that helps you get new patients into your door! I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from building my own Instagram page and converting my followers into patients (getting 30-50 new patients per month that actually sign up for treatment), and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you the high level theory, but the actual EXECUTION of how you can do the same.

Introduction to Dr. Yazdan – Grow With The Gram

Have you ever feel tired of:

Monitoring appointments all the time to figure out your income

Social media “consultants” with consistent billing and no clients

Battling insurance providers who control your care

Doubting your career choice in secret…

And, after all you feel:

High-caliber patients swarm the waiting area, eager to pay for the services they desire.

Being regarded as the expert in your industry and having faith in the quality of your care

Avoiding the processes you detest and concentrating on the ones you love

Assisting patients throughout the day and loving the life you’ve developed during the evenings and weekends

Here is what you should learn:

Instead of worrying about the expenses and scrimping for your next session, you should be using your time to treat patients.

Welcome to the Grow With The InstagramTM Rx, the InstagramTM technique to stop the new patient hustle and improve your practice that takes just a few minutes a day.

You’ll have immediate access to the 3 Pillar Method you need to move from “I don’t even have a profile” to a crowded waiting area when you join up for Grow With The InstagramTM Rx.

Even if you have no followers at all, each Pillar is broken down into a step-by-step process that you can do in just a few minutes each day.

What will you receive in the Grow With The Gram?

You deserve a practice that doesn’t change based on your Yelp rating or on whether you appear on the “correct” insurance list.
You deserve to work at a practice with patients you adore and perform procedures you adore. Grow With The Instagram Course can show you how to use Instagram™ to make it happen.

  1. Intro Series
  7. LIVE Q&A

185 Captions That Convert For Healthcare Professionals – Here’s the truth: You are aware that social media can attract clients. But you don’t actually have the time or mental space to focus on it. However, you would enjoy a long waitlist. Good news: You don’t have to make a decision. A fill-in-the-blank godsend is 185 Captions. There are 185 done-for-you posts in total.

200 Graphics For Healthcare Professionals  With your 185 captions, you’ll need some striking graphics, and these have been carefully chosen for healthcare practitioners to copy, paste, and post.

Who is Dr. Yazdan?

I had a failing partnership at the start of my career, huge business debts, reliant workers, no patients, and no funding for marketing.

Then I went on social media.

I received my first Instagram TM patient after a year of testing, and she paid $12,000! The next month, I added six additional Instagram TM patients. The thrill I experienced is indescribable.

I soon mastered my 3-Pillar strategy, and today I see an average of 2 new InstagramT M patients per day.

How would 40 pre-sold, new patients a month change your practice?

In addition to bringing in new patients, my Instagram experiment helped me get recognized by “The Doctors,” a daytime Emmy Award-winning TV show that featured me three times as a guest expert. This increased my credibility and gave me visibility that other doctors could only hope for.

My step-by-step guide, Grow With The Instagram, teaches medical practitioners how to use Instagram to change their practices in just 10 minutes a day.

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