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Aiman Almansoori – The Complete Guide to Multiple Time Frame Analysis & Reading Price Action



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The Complete Guide to Multiple Time Frame Analysis & Reading Price Action covers every aspect of interpreting price action using multiple time frames, from the larger time frames, such as the weekly chart, to the smallest time frame, the 1 minute chart. Reading price action and analyzing multiple time frames is a skill required of all day traders, regardless of the strategy or indicators they employ. Understanding where the market is headed and key entry levels is a skill that is typically developed through thousands of hours of screen time and practice. This course contains everything you might need to reduce the learning curve and advance your chart reading abilities.

Who is Aiman Almansoori?

Peak Capital Trading employs Dr. Aiman Al-mansoori in a senior trading role. Aiman entered the trading industry in 2017, and in 2021 he became a member of Peak Capital Trading. More than a hundred active traders have benefited from Aiman’s guidance, with many going on to achieve long-term success. Aiman is now a full-time trader at the prop firm, where he assists prospective traders in defining their edge and trading style. Previously, only a select group of traders at Peak Capital Trading and a small number of his mentees had access to the proprietary trading tactics he teaches in his Trading Terminal Academy classes.

The Complete Guide to Multiple Time Frame Analysis & Reading Price Action with Aiman Almansoori

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field. Some of the benefits of our trainings are:

  • Identifying entry and target areas
  • Identifying market ranges, accumulation and distribution phases, before they happen
  • Getting smart entries at the dip using the pinpoint strategy
  • Surviving choppy stages by understanding when they are starting to form
  • Different methods and strategies to add into a winning position
  • Entry criteria using the 1-minute chart for the best possible entry

Course Lessons

Module 1

Introduction to Predicting the Next Candle
Market Phases
Predicting a Phase Before it Happens
The Main Daily Scenarios
The Main Rules for Predicting the Next Candle
Examples on Predicting Daily Candles on AMD
Examples on Predicting Daily Candles on CCL
Examples on Predicting Daily Candles on CVX
How to Find the Best Potential Runners

Module 2

Going for the Daily Candle vs 60-Minute Candle
Analyzing the 60-Minute Chart and 5-Minute Chart Along with Premarket Data
Homework Practicing Breakouts Based on Higher Time Frames
Entry Criteria Based on the 5 and 1-Minute Charts
Trend Trading to Scalping Based on Different Time Frames
The Importance of Reading Candlestick Overlaps
Introduction to Dip Buying-Pinpoint Strategy

Module 3

Finding Key Levels for Day Trading
First Pinpoint Scenario: 20-200
Second Pinpoint Scenario: The Pullback Day
Third Pinpoint Scenario: The Continuation Day
Fourth Pinpoint Scenario: The Day After the Continuation Day
Fifth Pinpoint: Scenario Gappers
Sixth Pinpoint Scenario: Day After a Huge Runner
Seventh Pinpoint Scenario: Price Action

Module 4

Utilizing the Weekly Chart to Build a Watch List for Day Trading
Utilizing The Weekly Chart to Find Swing Trades
How to Read Price Action

Module 5

How to Play ORBs
Part1: Different Methods to Add Into a Winning Trade
Part 2: Different Methods to Add Into a Winning Position
Examples of Traps That get Retailers Out of Their Positions
Introduction to Trading Reversals Using Multiple Time Frame Analysis

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