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Joe Rokop – Strike Zone Strategy 2.0 Elite Package



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Strike Zone Strategy will take steps through how Joe is able to control risk and earn big amount of returns. He will share proven strategies developed during his years of trading at the professional and commercial level. He provide a unique set of skills most private traders never develop.

Who is Joe Rokop?

Joe Rokop is a equities and commodities trader and futures professor. His vocational trading experience is in both the commercial and proprietary fields. With his 15 years experience in trading, Joe concentrates on trading commodities, indexes, and equities via futures, options, and OTC derivatives.

After completing the college, Joe began his path directly on the floor of the NY Mercantile Exchange. There he achieved an understanding of pattern recognition, volume, and calculated trading strategies. Joe’s professional experience gives him an edge over most retail traders using his deep market flow and volume knowledge.

His vital aim at Simpler Trading is to help others become more and more fascinated traders and realize greater results. He would really like to share his experiences, passing on his wide knowledge, and coaching his customers toward the gainning of their goals.

Strike Zone Strategy 2.0 Elite Package with Joe Rokop

The Strike Zone Mastery is for traders looking to consistently go up their account with a trading strategies that is suitable with their lifestyle. This Mastery is designed to demonstrate how Joe is able to profit big returns in a small amount of time with easy entry signals. This is for any trader looking to make massive returns and consistent gains in any market condition.

  • Strategy Class + Intro to Futures
  • 2 Recorded Pro Live Trading Days
  • Strike Zone Strategy Class
  • 3 Days Recorded Elite Live Trading
  • Strike Zone Mastery Quarterly

The Strike Zone Strategy Class

What is his mystery? By creation of a trading plan that is suitable with many different timeframes, Joe is able to profit in volatile market conditions.  You can folow Joe’s setups with ease , giving him the ability to consistently rise his account. His “no-brainer” signals can be applied to almost any account size, even small accounts if you prefer to trade Micro Contracts!

Intro to Futures

Don’t know anything about futures yet? That is okay. Joe has many experience years in coaching new traders. The futures market is a trader’s secret weapon for success by delivering unparalleled leveraged profit potential.
To get you up to speed as fast as possible, Joe has pre-recorded a special bonus training that gives you everything you need to know about futures in a flash.

Two Recorded Pro Live Trading Days

This is your chance to watch a recorded trading session. We believe there’s no better way to deepen your understanding of Joe’s Strike Zone plan than to watch him as he looks for setups.

Watching Joe’s trading sessions show the fastest way to “make these tools your own” because you get to immediately watch him apply his strategy in real market conditions. As usual, our informal goal is to strive to make enough profit to more than pay for your investment in your tools (obviously, no promises).

If you’re ready to go “all in” and get the maximum trading time, the Elite Package is for you. You get a total of 5 pre-recorded sessions which can allow you the additional opportunity to watch Joe’s trades play out in the market. If you’re not convinced yet that the Elite package is the best choice for you, check this out…

Strike Zone Mastery

Missing the point of entry causes traders to not only miss out on finding trades, many also expose themselves to a substantial amount of risk. That’s why Joe Rokop created the Strike Zone method. He’s determined to help traders sharpen their skills by using his “no brainer” entry signals to catch consistent returns while calculating risk.

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