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Layne Norton – Biolayne Nutrition Level 1+2



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Biolayne Nutrition Certification teach you dietary advice that is evidence-based and proven to work… unlike the traditional, cookie-cutter fitness institutes (You know who you are).

Who is Layne Norton – Clean Health?

You’re in luck; the Biolayne Nutrition Certification is taught by Dr. Layne Norton, the foremost expert in the field of nutrition based on scientific evidence.

This fully online, two-part course is designed for anyone who is serious about improving their own or their clients’ health, fitness, and performance, be they personal trainers, medical professionals, nutritionists, or just plain fitness nuts.

Biolayne Nutrition Certification with Layne Norton


1. Macronutrient fundamentals
2.The science of energy balance
3.The science of fat loss
4.The art of coaching compliance
5.Program design for fat loss
6.Program design for hypertrophy
7.Evidence-based hypertrophy for drug-free clients
8.Advanced supplementation for gen pop clients
9.Learn the science of diet refeeds
10.The science of peak week for physique athletes
11.Show-day nutrition strategies
12.The art of post-comp/photoshoot programming
13.Program design for physique athletes
14.How to avoid post comp rebound & maximise results

Finding the right evidence-based nutrition coaching course can be tricky…

Most “big-box” fitness institute nutrition certifications either contain a ton of rubbish or give you a ton of information without tools on how to apply it!

Well, Clean Health solves that 💪

Founded in 2008 by expert PTs, nutritionists and our CEO, Daine McDonald, we’re the trusted source of results-based fitness education for personal trainers worldwide.

We began as a PT and nutrition coaching organisation focused on getting epic results using the science of lifestyle, nutrition, and training. In 2012, we opened our first of several gyms that did 250,000+ coaching sessions over their lifespan.

During that time, we started educating PTs, and now, as an accredited fitness institute, we’ve certified over 60,000 personal trainers and nutritionists worldwide, including industry experts such as Mark Carroll and Lauren Simpson.

Today, our curriculum creators feature the who’s who of the fitness industry, like Dr Layne Norton, Dr Bill Campbell, Sebastian Oreb, Jackson Peos PhD and more.

We only teach you dietary advice that is evidence-based and proven to work… unlike the traditional, cookie-cutter fitness institutes (You know who you are).

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