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Ash Ambirge – The Meat & Hair Magic Message Bootcamp



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The Meat & Hair Magic Message Bootcamp walks you through a proprietary step-by-step process to help you get clarity on your brand positioning, determine your value proposition, use both to strategically to write witty, Humorous Content for Your Brand For content creators who need to punch up their writing with personality & flair.

The Meat & Hair Magic Message Bootcamp with Ash Ambirge

Ash Ambirge used her knack for words to escape trailer park poverty, and she’s been changing worlds through her writing ever since. Her latest newsletter, Meat and Hair is the latest her constellation of what she calls intellectual property assets, the atomic units of the knowledge economy. Here Ash talks about working is sprints, upward mobility and why automation has a much better ROI than one-off newsletters.

  • Bootcamp: Introduction
  • The Brand Promise Potion: Why Makes You Awesome?
  • Wow-Factor Wonderland: Find Your Signature Message and OWN IT
  • The Emotional Value Prop Hot House: Write Your Signature Message in Words They’ll Love
  • The Website Slay Lab: Take Your Message and Spread It On THICCC
  • The Bio-Writing Boulangerie: Turn Up Your Glow to Make That Dough

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