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Jiang Yu Shan – Monkey Fist Door 24 Warrior Qigong Set



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Monkey Fist Door 24 Warrior Qigong Set is a very high level and advanced Qigong form where you stretch and strengthen the whole body from your legs to your fingertips.

You will build a powerful combat ready upper corset, open up your spine, stretch your tendons, develop balance and generate internal energy. The purpose of this form is to protect and prepare the body for fighting but it can also be utilized for thriving in daily life.

Who is Jiang Yu Shan?

This is the crown jewel of the Monkey Kung Fu and a rare and advanced form of Qigong.

The grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan has only revealed the form to his longtime students up until now. He estimates that a minimum of six years will pass before the student makes any progress in mastering the technique.

The master claims that this form has been carefully guarded for centuries within the monkey academies. For the first time ever, it’s open to anyone willing to put in the time and effort to learn it.

Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, and Lohan Gong elements and principles are included. Furthermore, there are advanced methods such as the Monkey Fist Door and the Shaolin principles.

This is an advanced form of Qigong that stretches and strengthens the entire body, from the feet to the hands.

You will strengthen your upper body for combat, by opening your spine, stretching your tendons, improving your balance, and releasing pent-up energy. This style was developed to shield the body during combat and ready it for everyday success.

The real power lies within; by practicing the diamond finger technique, you can channel energy into your hands and fingers. The form incorporates a wide variety of advanced breathing and power techniques.

The complexity and depth of the Hou Quan Men Monkey Kung Fu system can be seen in this form, which consists of 24 sections (1 section often consists of many different movements) and takes an astounding 8 minutes to complete.

Monkey Fist Door 24 Warrior Qigong Set with Jiang Yu Shan

The Heritage of Monkey Fist Door

Ceremonial and Full Form Demonstrations
This form is a true piece of art. The form demonstration alone is something extraordinary. It’s art in motion.
The grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan demonstrates the power and beauty of the form. The next step for you is to learn the form by yourself and become part of the heritage of the Monkey Fist Door.

Tutorials for Each Section of the Form
Instructive tutorials for each movements are inside the course and also additional advice. It’s 100% possible to learn the form and take it to a high level just by following the advice on the videos.

Once mastered, you have something beautiful and powerful with you wherever you go. Zero equipment needed and the form can be practiced practically anywhere at any time.

30 Day Qigong Cycle of Monkey Fist Door
After you have learned the form (takes 10 days to just learn the movements), you can use the form for a 30 Qigong cycle that is designed to increase your testosterone (fire) and make your body and mind ready for combat.
The form takes 8 minutes to complete and you do the form twice per session for many times per day. You also practice the diet and lifestyle recommendations of the master.

After 30 days you are no longer the same person.

28 videos and around 2 hours and 40 minutes of content.

FORMS   —  2 Lessons

  • Ceremonial Form Demonstration (8:32)
  • Full Form Demonstration (8:36)

INSTRUCTIONS   —  2 Lessons

  • The Greeting of Monkey Fist Door (5:17)
  • The Mabu (12:49)

TUTORIALS   —  18 Lessons

  • Section 1 (1:29)
  • Section 2 (8:52)
  • Section 3 (6:57)
  • Section 4 (4:51)
  • Sections 5-6 (4:53)
  • Section 7 (4:40)
  • Section 8 (4:54)
  • Section 9 (3:30)
  • Section 10 (4:50)
  • Sections 11-13 (6:52)
  • Sections 14-15 (2:08)
  • Sections 16 (4:10)
  • Sections 17 (11:32)
  • Sections 18-20 (5:48)
  • Section 21 (9:13)
  • Section 22 (9:21)
  • Section 23 (8:50)
  • Section 24 (8:10)

SCHEDULE   —  2 Lessons

  • Purpose & Origin (3:43)
  • Benefits, Schedule & 30 Day Qigong Cycle (9:26)


Low Monkey Form of Monkey Kung Fu (+ FIGHTING APPLICATIONS)

Form sequence demonstration of the first student form of Monkey Kung Fu and some fighting applications.

Low Monkey Form II of Monkey Kung Fu

Form sequence demonstration of the second student form of Monkey Kung Fu.

Wood Monkey Form of Monkey Kung Fu

Wood Monkey form sequence demonstration.

Stone Monkey Form of Monkey Kung Fu

Stone Monkey form sequence demonstration.

Become the Inner Door Prospect of Jiang Yu Shan

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